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We graduated from small High Schools in Indiana in 1950. In July 2000, we celebrated our 50th graduation anniversaries. Both of our schools have long vanished in physical presense, but not in the memories of the students.

Joyce graduated from Brazil High School in Brazil Indiana. Her class celebrated with a dinner on July 1 at Louise's on South Third Street in Terre Haute. 1950 Class had 125 graduates.

Brazil HSBrazil HS was located on North Forest Avenue just north of National Avenue. It has been demolished and a new YMCA stands in its place. The new High School is Northview, located on Old US-40 west of town.

Bob graduated from Fontanet High School in Vigo County Indiana Class of 1950. His class celebrated 50th anniversary with a dinner on July 28, 2000 and attended the annual All Fontanet School Reunion at the Beandinner Grounds the following day. 1950 Class had 25 graduates.

Fontanet HSFontanet School was a 12 grade school started in 1914 as Nevins Township School. The school existed until the early 1960s when it was consolidated into the Vigo County School System. It was torn down in 1972. School site was in Fontanet at the top of the hill. The school was only a short distance from the main New York Central railroad tracks and as the big steam trains would roll through, the teacher would pause until the sound level became low enough to be understood.

Fontanet TeachersFontanet School teachers in late 1940s

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