Our RV Adventures

In the spring of 1991 we purchased a new Fleetwood Cambria 34' motorhome and began our RVing adventures. We traveled to see family, friends and many wonderful sights around the US and Canada.

This is our Cambria in Yosemite National Park.

After 8 years and 65000 miles we sold our Cambria and purchased a new 38 ft. Dutch Star Diesel Pusher.
This is our Cambria in Yosemite National Park.

At our Dutch Star acceptance and at Tinker AFB FamCamp. It now has over 60000 miles and has been a wonderful machine.

Additional details of our Dutch Star

In May of 2012 we decided to retire from RVing. We had seen most of USA and Canada and felt it was time go hang up the keys and get off road. A lovely family in the high desert of California is enjoying the Dutch Star!

We found many new friends in our RVing adventures and in the clubs we joined.

We belonged to FMCA, SMART the Military RV Club and the Newmar Club and miss our friends very much.

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