Italy 2002, Another Trip of a Lifetime!

In June 2002 Bob flew from Los Angeles to Zurich. After a brief visit to see Zurich, he traveled via rental car to eastern Italy. After nine days of touring the region of Vento and northeast Italy, he traveled to Lake Garda and visited the Zambanini Italian family. The final portion of the trip was to attend the ITTONA Convention in Trento Italy. After Trento, he drove north to the Brenner Pass and through Austria to Zurich for his return trip home.

Note: Bob's Italian name is ZambAnini, but along the way in America his family started using ZambEnini.

Click here to see the photos of first nine days in Zurich and North East Italy

Click here to see the photos of visit with Zambanini Family in Valle Guidicare

Click here to see the photos of ITTONA Convention in Trento

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